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There are five different climbing disciplines you can practice on our walls, and each has its own safety rules.

  1. Traversing,
  2. Bouldering,
  3. Auto-Belay Climbing,
  4. Top Rope Climbing, and
  5. Lead Climbing.

Traversing is a discipline many climbers use as a warm-up. It involves traveling sideways along the wall. One's shoulders should never surpass a height higher than 12 feet from the ground. The Main Wall which is central to the gym is the preferred traversing wall.

When traversing, never cross under a Top-Rope Climber. Please come off the wall and walk around them.

Bouldering is intended to simulate climbing on large natural rocks/boulders or along the walls of caves. This is done on our Boulder Structure and inside our Cave. Because of the lower height, climbers do not rely on ropes, harnesses, or belay systems to slow or stop their fall.

REGARDING CHILDREN: Children should NEVER be on the Boulder without an Adult spotter. Please ask a Staff Member for a quick demonstration of appropriate spotting.

SAFETY AWARENESS: Climbers on the Boulder CANNOT see pedestrians below them. Please stay clear of the fall-zones of other climbers.

Auto-Belay Climbing permits individuals to climb along some of our taller walls without a partner.

SAFETY AWARENESS: Never climb to a height where your shoulders surpass 12 feet without being secured by an Auto-Belay system OR a Certified Belay Partner.

The Auto-Belay Pre-Climb routine will be explained further ahead in this Orientation.

Top-Rope Climbing involves two partners – the climber and a Certified Belay Partner who can demonstrate correct knot tying, rope management, and climber protection protocol.

Anyone 14 years of age or older may become Top-Rope Belay Certified – there is no pre-requisite climbing skill. Inquire at the Front Desk to reserve and pay for a Certification class.

SAFETY AWARENESS: Never walk under the rope of a Top-Rope climbing duo.

Lead Climbing involves two partners – a Certified Lead Climber and a Certified Lead Belayer. The climber, rather than being secured by a rope that is anchored at the top of the wall, climbs while dragging a rope which must be attached to a sequence of clipping points at the wall as the climber ascends.

SAFETY AWARENESS: Never walk under a Lead Climber or their rope. Be cautious and respectful also never to step on rope or other gear left on the ground by Lead Climbers and their Belay Partners.

NOTE: The Edge Rock Gym considers Lead Climbing and Belaying to be the highest privilege within our gym and in addition to a time- and minimal comfortable grade requirement, candidates for Lead Climbing and Belaying certfication must be known by the staff and management to be responsible and aware of potential risks at all times.

Additional Information:

  • We offer Memberships to make future visits more economical. Our friendly staff is always available to help, but for your convenience, registration or renewal is also available through our website.
  • Yoga Instruction is included in Membership during a set class schedule or may be paid for on a Drop-In basis. Online reservation required.
  • Drinks and snacks may be purchased at the Front Desk but please refrain from bringing any food or liquid containers (even if sealed) onto the Climbing Area floor.


Pre-Climb Routine

The first thing to understand about the Auto-Belay Pre-Climb routine is that we did not develop the routine because Auto-Belays are difficult to use. They're super easy, actually.

We developed it because climbers who are NEWER than you will, in the future, be watching you.

As a community, every Member and Guest has a small shared responsibility to be an example of safe practices. Thank you for being a part of this awesome example.

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