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It's hard to beat rock

climbing for a child's


Discover the Youth Climbing Club at The Edge Rock Gym – Miami

"It'd be like you snuck broccoli into their breakfast cereal and they didn't even notice."

When you see your child not wanting to quit and forcing themselves back up on that wall that's seemingly defeated them a dozen times already, that's character being built.

When you observe the certainty on your child's face that comes from knowing their belay partner securing that rope won't let them down, and the gratitude your child will feel toward that partner getting them safely back down to the ground, they are learning trust and social skills.

And unlike sports with equipment that wears down from continuous abuse, your child's coach will teach technique that maximizes the life of their shoes – it's one of the least expensive athletic activities a person can participate in!

Consider our Youth Climbing Club for Your Child!

Coached by Anthony Petrakis, a National Level Competitive Climber

A Youth Climbing Club Membership allows your child daily access to the gym, along with access two twice-weekly training sessions covering safety procedure and a healthy approach to learning and training rock climbing technique.

Training Schedule:

Tuesday and Thursdays at 6pm-8pm

Rental Gear Included During Training Sessions – Not Included for Other Visits

Minimum Participant Age: 8 years old